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Edition June 2018
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We care

Le Suffren Hotel & Marina is highly committed to its social responsibility which spans from the local level to the global community. This commitment to care involves every employee at Le Suffren Hotel & Marina to make a positive social and environmental difference in the community.

Year 2012-2013: Projet Employabilité Jeunes

The management and staff together decided to financially support drop outs youngsters, to teach them basic social skills and introduce them to the working environment thus restoring the confidence in them.

The project was partnered with the Hotel Group, Beach Comber whereby 21 young people, including school dropouts, were coached by FED, ‘Fondation Espoir et Développement’ and in turn be taken on internship by Tropical Paradise Co Ltd.

During the first three months of the project, the youngsters were coached by FED on discipline, hygiene, social behaviour and were sensitized on social issues such as drugs, HIV Aids. During the next three months, the youngsters were on 3 months training at Tropical Paradise Co Ltd, in the respective department of their choice. A coach was assigned in each concerned department to monitor the progress of the training.

At the end of the programme, they received a certificate from Tropical Paradise Co Ltd.

Year 2010-2011: Hospitality Training and Education

In view of empowering young people from vulnerable groups to learn and develop their capacities and professional skills, a contribution from the CSR fund was utilized to provide vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities to potential beneficiaries. At the outset, several educational structures such as ANFEN (Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network) amongst others were contacted in order to help in identifying young people who have expressed their enthusiasm and aspiration to work in the hotel industry. On the whole, nine students aged between 17 to 25 years residing within the catchment area have been retained to benefit from a pre-apprenticeship course for duration of eight months. Based mainly on a culinary program, the course comprises of one day theoretical session per week in an accredited training academy and five days practical sessions in the kitchen of both properties.

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