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Edition June 2018
Local Time:
11:43 (GMT +4)

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Porwli By Light

Festival dans Kapital...For three nights, the city of Port Louis came alive to celebrate its rich history last December 2015

PORLWI by Light – Imagine a ballet of illuminated canoes in the harbour, or a dancing light show in the Company Garden. Porlwi by Light - a unique evening offering a unique opportunity to be amazed by the streets of Port Louis, its buildings and unusual venues all dressed in light.

During this three night event, from the 4th to 6th December 2015, several participants exhibited their art installations, composed of light in the streets of the capital through suspended creations or creations on the ground, or creative lighting projected over unusual places on a course that included the Allée des Voyageurs, Rue du Vieux Conseil, Rue La Corderie, Bourbon Street and Sir William Newton Street, all over the city.

Amazing nights for the city of Port Louis!
Watch out for the next edition in December 2016