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Edition Septembre 2018
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11:27 (GMT +4)

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Langouste Festival

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For the whole month of October, indulge in a sumptuous feast of langouste throughout our hotels.

Choose between a Grilled Crayfish served with lemon or garlic butter sauce and a Crayfish Thermidor, prepared with a creamy mixture of cooked langouste meat and egg yolks stuffed into a langouste shell.

As accompaniment, a salad and French fries or rice will be served along with a glass of wine.

Welcome the end of year festivities with a delicious langouste treat!

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Plezir Letan Lontan

On Saturday 6th October, we are bringing back the sweet memories of Mauritian culture with a traditional buffet, authentic drinks, folk songs and childhood games at Le Suffren.

Mauritius has had strong ties with many cultures throughout its history and this blend of customary influences has carved the Mauritian identity. Join us to revisit a unique “Plezir Letan Lontan” culture at Le Suffren Hotel & Marina.